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Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the App Store and there are many good reasons to have it installed on your iPhone.

The application is officially described as a beautiful and fast way to share your life in pictures. In fact, the main attraction of Instagram is the simple social network which it is based on.

That social network is important to share your photos and view the ones uploaded by your friends but it gets even greater when we tell you it can be associate to your Facebook account and those photos will be published on your wall.

Before uploading your photos you can apply them beautiful effects to give them a better look.

If you haven't used this application before, we recommend you to use it. It is one of the best ways to share your photos using an iPhone or iPad.
The three biggest changes to come to Instagram this May

Since the last time we talked about the latest version of Instagram, lots of new stuff has happened. In less than a month, Instagram has included a heap of new changes and we know you're dying to hear all about them: Story search by geolocation or hashtag, image previews and URLs in DMs, and the option to hide your posts without having to erase them.
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Instagram adds face filters in its latest update

These days whenever a new update from Instagram comes out it's more than likely that the additions were pinched straight from Snapchat. This time is no different. The popular social network announced yesterday that it's added masks ("face filters") to bring new life to your selfies. Try it out and – surprise! – you'll find it's extremely similar to Snapchat lenses.
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How to post pictures on Instagram from any PC

Letting people upload pictures to Instagram from a desktop computer has always been on the app's to-do list. Though there were already some rather unorthodox methods available for doing exactly that (god bless emulators) only now has the official web client added this feature. Still, to be able to do it you have to make a small tweak to Google Chrome or whatever other browser you use that lets you view webpages in mobile mode.
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